Precinct Supply Kits | Forms

General Elections Notice
Registration Notices for General Election
E1293A E1293A
Election Day Change of Address Notice
E155 E155
Election Inspector Qualify Certificate
E31 E31
#1 County Clerk Envelope
E32 E32
#2 Board of Canvassers Envelope
E32D E32D
Envelope - County Clerk Delegate
E33 E33
#3 Local Clerk Envelope
E34 E34
MI Standard Poll Book
MI Electronic Poll Book WITHOUT Binder
E35 E35
Spoiled/Defective Ballots Envelope
E36 E36
Original Ballots (Which Have Been Duplicated) Envelope
E37 E37
Absentee Voter Ballots Envelope (AV Ballots are counted in Precinct)
E38 E38
Provisional Ballot Storage Envelope
E39A E39A
Provisional Ballot and Voter Registration Form Envelope
E39B E39B
Notice/Instructions to Provisional Voter
List of Delegates Elected - OS
E42 E42
Notice Village Election - set of 4
E47 E47
Notice Village Registration - set of 4
Ballot Bag Certificate
Ballot Certificate Holder
E55 E55
Red Election seals
E85L E85L
Election Inspector Badge - Peel Off
E86 E86
Vote Here Sign
E88 E88
Globe Seals
E93 E93
Transfer/Storage Container Certificate
E94 E94
Ballot Box Tag/Certificate - Blue
E96 E96
Blue Pull Tite Seal
E97 E97
Easy Twist Roto Seal - Red
Horseshoe for Ballot Box
EG10 EG10
Certificates of Election - booklet of 50
G5 G5
MI General Precinct Kit with Standard Poll Book
MI General Precinct Kit with ELECTRONIC Poll Book in Binder
MI General Precinct Kit with ELECTRONIC Poll Book WITHOUT Binder
MI General AV Counting Board Precinct Kit with 501LM AV Poll Book
MI General AV Counting Board Precinct Kit with E34AVQVF Poll Book
Michigan General Election PRIMARY Precinct Kit
General PRIMARY Election Precinct Kit w/Electronic Poll Book
General Primary Election Precinct Kit w/Electronic Poll Book without Binder
General PRIMARY Precinct Kit - NO Poll Book
Absentee Voters Precinct Kit for Primary
M1919 M1919
Certificate of Election to Village
M444 M444
Application to Vote WITH US CITIZEN STATEMENT - Poll List - pad of 200
M444PP M444PP
Application to Vote - Poll List - PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY
M448 M448
Application to Vote Binder - 3 piece
M5 M5
MI Special/Municipal Precinct Kit with Standard Poll Book
MI Special/Municipal Precinct Kit with ELECTRONIC Poll Book in Binder
MI Special/Municipal Precinct Kit with ELECTRONIC Poll Book WITHOUT Binder
MI Special/Municipal Precinct Kit with 501LM AV Poll Book
MI Special/Municipal AV Counting Board Precinct Kit with E34AVQVF Poll Book
WS19 WS19
Red Plastic Spring Lock Seal - numbered

What our Clients Say

I have always been impressed with the quality of service that we have received from GBS. No matter what the problem or situation, they have always gone out of their way to help us out. They help make our elections run smoothly with their concern, supportive assistance, and general overall commitment to their customers. They make you feel like you are their only client and give you their utmost attention. Gary Ingelson, and the whole GBS crew, have always been nothing but professional and are always there to help. From my first week in office, Gary has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make my job easy and to help me do my job better. I will always be grateful for all they have done for myself and for Knox County. It is my pleasure to be a client of theirs.
Scott Erickson, County Clerk Knox County, IL
Representatives and support staff of GBS are always willing to go above and beyond in order to provide us with the best products and service possible. They strive to meet or exceed the deadlines we set and are always willing to consider our opinions and thoughts to continuously improve the service they provide. We sincerely appreciate the dedication of Tim, Tiffany, Bill and the rest of the GBS staff.
Amanda Riska, County Clerk Jackson County, MI
You don't find companies that will go above and beyond anymore but GBS does even down to the staff that programs, they help with my school homecomings and that is above and beyond. GBS has walked me through punch cards, OS and TSX's, new employees, judges trainings, and even been there in my personal life. They are truly a company that cares about you, your family and your office.
Robin Harper-Whitehead, County Clerk Johnson County, IL
I have worked for Marquette County for over 32 years and have seen many changes in elections and how we as County Clerks perform our election related duties. The Representatives and Staff of GBS, especially David Carmody, U.P. Area Rep., remain a constant in an always changing environment. They strive to meet difficult deadlines and have always gone above and beyond with the best products and services possible. I sincerely appreciate the dedication of David, Tiffany, Bill and the rest of the GBS Staff. Without them we could not perform our duties as well as we do as County Clerks.
Connie Branam, County Clerk Marquette County, MI
I would like to let your people know that I have been here 7 Years and have dealt mostly with Gary Ingelson. Gary has always been excellent at solving my problems very quickly. I especially like our AccuVote units that we now use, they have been very accurate and get voters in and out of the polling place very quickly. My hope is that you will always keep that personal touch.
Donnie Apps, County Clerk and Recorder Pike County, IL
Customer Service! It's good to know it is still alive and well with GBS! I can depend on my sales rep to be right there. Thanks GBS!
Connie Gibbs, County Clerk Pope County, IL
As the prior clerk of 56 years once told me When you find a vendor that you know and trust-stay with them-they will treat you right during good times and bad times. This is so true with GBS, and the staff. I have worked in the Clerks office for over 32 years the last 11 as the County Clerk and during that time have seen may changes in clerks office especially in regards to elections and through it all GBS has been there willing and able to exceed in excellent service, willingness to help, and answer questions or find the answers. In the ever increasing demands placed on election administrators, it is so helpful to have one company-one representative to go to-and for Alpena County that has been Kurt Knowles, Tiffany, David and all the staff at GBS.
Bonnie Friedrichs, County Clerk Alpena, MI