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Big or small, private or public, we have an election solution that fits your organization’s needs. We pride ourselves on our custom approach to each & every project we take on.

Our staff has a combined 250+ years experience in just about anything & everything election-related. From absentee applications to election results reporting, and everything in between, we have a solution for you.

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Representatives and support staff of GBS are always willing to go above and beyond in order to provide us with the best products and service possible. They strive to meet or exceed the deadlines we set and are always willing to consider our opinions and thoughts to continuously improve the service they provide. We sincerely appreciate the dedication of GBS.

Amanda Riska
County Clerk
Jackson County, MI

You don't find companies that will go above and beyond anymore but GBS does even down to the staff that programs, they help with my school homecomings and that is above and beyond. GBS has walked me through punch cards, OS and TSX's, new employees, judges trainings, and even been there in my personal life. They are truly a company that cares about you, your family and your office.

Robin Harper-Whitehead
County Clerk
Johnson County, IL

I have worked for Marquette County for over 32 years and have seen many changes in elections and how we as County Clerks perform our election related duties. The Representatives and Staff of GBS remain a constant in an always changing environment. They strive to meet difficult deadlines and have always gone above and beyond with the best products and services possible. I sincerely appreciate the dedication of the GBS Staff. Without them we could not perform our duties as well as we do as County Clerks.

Connie Branam
Former County Clerk
Marquette County, MI

Customer Service! It's good to know it is still alive and well with GBS! I can depend on my sales rep to be right there. Thanks GBS!

Connie Gibbs
County Clerk
Pope County, IL

GBS makes us feel like family.  Their attention to detail and concern about each and every client shows how much they are dedicated to election officials.  I don't have to worry about the small details as GBS is always on top of all the things that we may have forgotten.  They strive for us to have smooth elections and work hard to make that happen.  There is no doubt that the GBS team thinks of us as family, and we feel the same way about them!  They are always quick to provide us with whatever we need and help with answers to the tough questions.  So if you are looking for a team to take care of your election needs, GBS is the place to call home!

Scott Erickson
County Clerk & Recorder
Knox County, IL

GBS is not just a company trying to sell you a product.  They are a company that truly cares for each of their customers.  I am fortunate to have met most of their employees and they really become your friend.  They have been in my office for situations that have happened and taken care of them immediately. Their customer service goes above and beyond.  I know that I can call and get an answer or help with any question that I have.  GBS is what every company should be.  I am extremely grateful to have had the support not only for elections, but even during the loss of my husband and mother.  I will always recommend GBS to anyone who asks me who my election vendor is.  As I said, GBS is more than a company, they are a friend.

Jill S. Waggener
County Clerk & Recorder
Knox County, IL