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For Tribal Governments

We customize Native Nation election processes, supporting constitutional requirements and election structures.

For Union Governments

We partner with local and nation-wide Union chapters to provide essential on-demand voting services for elections.

For Local Governments

From election coding to reporting, we offer custom, full-service support to Local Governments throughout the Midwest.

Election Supplies, Forms & Precinct Kits
  • Custom Precinct Kits

  • Minute & Record Books

  • Voting Binders

  • Citations

  • Citation & Infraction Forms

  • Official Receipts

ValidVoter Electronic Pollbook
  • Seamless & Secure Voter Check-In

  • Real-time synching for secure and accurate voter validation check-ins

  • Fast & Secure Search

  • Issue the correct ballot every time

  • Election management reporting tools 

VRxG Voter Registration Software
  • Complete election management system

  • Fully customizable

  • Engineered by industry professionals for jurisdictions of all sizes

  • Secure voter registration data management


Empowering democracy with best-in-class voting systems, products, and services.
Verity Touch Writer

Verity Touch Writer is equipped with a full range of accessibility features to ensure every voter can vote privately and independently. Touch Writer produces an identical full-sized paper ballot for all voters.

Verity Duo

The Verity Duo ballot marking device (BMD) creates a paper record that tabulates votes from human verifiable information, not a black box barcode. Duo delivers an intuitive touchscreen voting experience.

Verity Scan

Verity Scan is a digital scanning solution for paper ballots. Clear instructions and alerts ensure second-chance voting is straightforward. Step-by-step onscreen instructions make startup and shutdown quick and easy for poll workers.

The GBS Valid Voter® Electronic Pollbook is an all-in-one election management solution designed specifically with polling place staff in mind. Our solution makes the voting process  much easier to manage, from start to finish.



Aside from being professionally trained election programmers, our coding staff has a wide range of experience in a variety of election types. Multiple languages? Straight party? Election data imports? Audio ballots? Endless ballot styles? We can do that, and more, to meet your need.


Whether you need onsite support or just the peace of mind knowing expert advice is just a phone call away, we’re here for you! Our skilled support staff can assist in nearly any capacity as needed. Polling hours & beyond, there is always a calm & friendly voice on the other end of the line.


We run our own on-site commercial ballot print line, as well as partnering with local shops. We are equipped & certified to print ballots produced from the major voting systems utilized across the country. We are also experienced in variable data printing for poll books and mail-out elections.


The GBS Valid Voter® Electronic Pollbook is an all-in-one election management solution designed specifically with polling place staff and administrators in mind. Our solution makes the voting process much easier to manage, from start to finish, leading to a better experience for every stakeholder.


We know that recruiting Election Day help is a challenge for election administrators. Fortunately, we can prepare your team for nearly anything they may encounter on Election Day. Our poll worker training program has had great success over the years and can be customized to incorporate your unique Election Day workflow.


Our services include thorough Lock and Load support for logic and accuracy testing as well as touch screen calibrations. Our proprietary VoteTest program can produce pre-marked test decks for the most widely-used voting systems and complies with various states’ testing requirements.




Everything you need to facilitate an election process.


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